JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

Dress & Appearance Ribbon: Is awarded annually to cadets who maintain a 90% or higher average on weekly uniform grades. Cadets receiving this award will maintain the highest grooming and dress standards possible.

Longevity Ribbon - Awarded annually to cadets completing and passing a full academic year in JLBC.

JLBC March Memorial Ribbon: This is a ribbon awarded to honor and remember the sacrifices of the victims and survivors of World War II’s March; JLBC units may conduct an optional 14-mile March Memorial Hike. This event must be accomplished on a locally determined 14-mile course (trails, road courses, tracks, etc.). Units may complete the entire hike in a span of one to no more than 3- days. Cadet safety must be monitored, and advanced planning for any first aid/medical attention is paramount. Cadets who fully complete the 14-mile hike are authorized to wear the ribbon.

Patriotic Flag Ribbon – awarded for participating in non-color guard events designed to honor our nation’s flag. Such events include flag-raising ceremonies, flag retirement ceremonies, flag-folding ceremonies, and historical flag demonstrations. Cadets must have participated in a minimum of 5 flag events to receive this award.

Note: The top five JLBC Patrol medals/ribbons (JLBC awards) may be worn on the JLBC uniform if earned in the JLBC Patrol program. Cadets must provide appropriate paperwork/documentation from JLBC authorizing the wear of these awards.

JLBC CERTIFICATES OF TRAINING AND COMPLETION: Two types of certificates may be awarded to JLBC cadets; the “CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION” and the “CERTIFICATE OF TRAINING.” Information concerning each certificate is provided below to enable cadets who qualify for minimum enrollment to assess the value of each certificate.

1. CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION: Presented to cadets of good standing who have completed all four years of the JLBC program. Cadets with this certificate in their possession when they enroll in a senior JLBC program or upon enlistment in the Armed Forces of the United States may benefit from completing the JLBC program.

2. CERTIFICATE OF TRAINING: Presented to cadets of good standing who have completed at least two successful years of the JLBC Program.

3. These certificates are not awarded automatically based on academic grades. Consideration is given to the total performance and achievement as a unit member. It is possible to complete the JLBC course for academic credit.

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