JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

It must present a true challenge to every cadet.

A competitive spirit is to be encouraged in

each individual.

A strong sense of loyalty to the JLBC Cadet Command

and the JLBC must be fostered.

The cadet must be constantly aware that he is

preparing for a career of service to his nation.

The training received during the Fourth Class

the year is to be a foundation of character and abilities

that will be required throughout one's cadet and

officer careers.

Glossary. The following glossary of terms applies to

the basic Cadet and Fourth-Class Training Program:

a. Attention. The Fourth Class position of

attention is a rigid military position of attention with

erect body and head, shoulders back, arms straight at the sides with thumbs along trouser seams and eyes

fixed straight ahead. The weight will be on the heels,

buttocks rolled under, slight break forward at the

waist, shoulders back, hands, and elbows moved into

sides hands cupped naturally, thumb aligned with

trouser inseam, stand as tall as possible, and chin tucked.

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