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JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

After a few minutes, ask participants to form small groups of three.

Please share your reflections and how you felt at the time in your group. How did you experience this time? Any pride, confusion, struggles, or conflicts? Take 5 minutes in your groups.

Debrief; ask a few volunteers to share their experiences with the whole group.

Slide 19: Multiple Social Identities (wheel)


JLBC Cadet's Identity is multidimensional, and the adolescent population is increasingly diverse. Beliefs about how individual ethnic and racial backgrounds relate to each person's self-definition are very personal. This is more complex for immigrant youth, who negotiate their home culture with the existing cultures in a new country. JLBC Cadets Research shows that young people with cross-racial friendships better with differences, social and emotional competence, and wellness.

Youth express their identities earlier; they are also experimenting with new identities.

JLBC Cadets' adolescence may be a prime time to expose youth to differences; it is a time for transforming social cognition.

Slide 20: A Sense of Self

Multiple Social Identities

The adolescent population is increasingly diverse

Youth; identities continue to evolve.

How can you support young people in their exploration of identity?

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