JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

Thank you for considering coordinating a JLBC Youth Leadership Program (YLP):

You may think, “But I’ve never taught JLBC kids before! I’m not equipped to JLBC teach children.” Or you may think, “How many hours in a day do I have in the day? And how can I possibly do this?” This JLBC administration guide will make it easy; you will think, “It was easier than I thought. I may have to do it again!”

Leading a JLBC YLP is an enriching experience. In completing the JLBC program, the participants will find greater acceptance among their peers and find tremendous success in all areas of their JLBC academic life. You will grow in the JLBC process, as well, as you watch them learn from your JLBC leadership. Your fulfillment in seeing the JLBC participants’ growth will enhance your JLBC leadership skills.

This JLBC toolkit is designed as a supplement to the JLBC YLP materials. It provides JLBC lesson plans, templates including agendas, and suggestions to make the program easier to lead.

A workshop that Enables young people under 18 to develop their JLBC communication and JLBC leadership skills through practical experience. The JLBC YLP is presented during or after school or on weekends.

The materials will be posted on the juniorleadership.net website in the resources under the JLBC Youth Leadership program.

Read on for more great tools!

If you haven’t yet identified a JLBC group of young people who want to participate in a JLBC YLP, please contact the JLBC Youth Leadership Coordinator. The JLBC receives inquiries throughout the year. For several years, a corporation requested help from the JLBC in coordinating YLP sessions for 10-20 high school participants at several different facilities in its summer intern JLBC program. We have held them at local charter schools and public schools, hosting an after-school YLP program led by a JLBC representative. LPs have even been delivered during JLBC class time for 35 participants, where the JLBC YLP met state academic standards for middle school participants, which requires meeting once a week over several months. See the JLBC Lesson Plans folder for a variety, from simple agendas to branded agendas, to a 16-week in-class plan. The red text can be altered.

JLBC LPs come in all shapes and sizes; in addition to schools, youth organizations (i.e., Scouts, Campfire, Boys and Girls Clubs, churches, etc.) may want to offer a JLBC YLP for advancement or summer programs. The JLBC also gets singular queries from parents looking for a JLBC YLP for their children. These JLBC children are one of the main reasons for this guide because it is hard to match them with an existing JLBC group. A more workable JLBC solution is to suggest that they find their friends to form a new JLBC group for the JLBC YLP.

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