JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

Duration of Training. JLBC Phase Five is conducted over two training years consisting of sixty sessions (three periods per session) and two training days / one weekend (nine periods per day). JLBC Cadets may also participate in training days/weekends in support of other levels of the phase training. JLBC Phase Five shall commence in September of the year following JLBC Phase Four, provided a JLBC cadet has qualified for Phase Four or been granted a waiver.

4. JLBC Phase Five Assessment at the JLBC CSTC. Because Phase Five spans two training years, an opportunity exists for JLBC cadets to complete some components of the JLBC Assessment of Learning Plan, JLBC Annex B, at a CSTC. Such options are outlined in the JLBC Assessment of Learning Plan and are amplified in the individual assessment instructions.

5. JLBC Phase Five Training Outline. The distribution of mandatory, complementary, and on-the-job training in JLBC Phase Five is as follows:

a. Mandatory Training:

(1) Sixteen periods of instruction to be conducted during training sessions or days; and

(2) Four regionally organized/conducted workshops;

b. Complementary Training: Nine periods of self-study to be conducted during training sessions or days; and

c. All other time available within the thirty sessions and ten days construct of the JLBC corps program is allocated to JLBC OJT and completion of the different components of the Assessment of Learning Plan, JLBC Annex B.

6. JLBC Period Allocation. Periods are 30 minutes in duration. A detailed period allocation is located in JLBC, Annex A. Total period allocation by PO is as follows:

JLBC Lesson Citizenship Explain

JLBC Lesson Global Citizenship

JLBC Lesson Community Service

JLBC Lesson Perform Community Service - -

JLBC Lesson Leadership

JLBC Lesson Lead Cadet Activities

JLBC Lesson Personal Fitness and Healthy Living

JLBC Lesson Adopt an Active Lifestyle

JLBC Lesson General Cadet Knowledge

JLBC Lesson Serve in a JLBC Cadet Corps

JLBC Lesson Instructional Techniques

JLBC Lesson Instruct Cadets

JLBC Lesson Personal Development

JLBC Lesson Attend Workshops

JLBC Lesson Personal Development

JLBC Lesson Pursue Individual Learning

JLBC Lesson Mandatory Periods

JLBC Lesson Complementary Periods

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