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JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

Regularly patrol cadet parking areas to ensure compliance with regulations.

- Assist the Regimental Commander in planning and executing health and welfare inspections.

- Be prepared to assist TACs in gathering cadets selected for urinalysis.

- Publish the schedule for units responsible for OD/JOD and Lesesne and Hagood Gate Guard duty and supervise the execution of performance of those duties.

- Serve as the Regimental Safety Officer and Fire Marshall. Complete Risk Management Assessments under the direction of the Regimental Commander and fire drills under the direction of the Assistant Commandant for Operations and Training.

Regimental Public Affairs Officer. The mission of the Regimental Public Affairs Officer is to assist the Regimental Commander in helping others to understand the achievements, cadets, and mission of the South Carolina Corps of Cadets and to heighten the image and enhance the reputation of SCCC.

Specific responsibilities include:

- Assist the Regimental Commander with preparations for public appearances, speeches, and other strategic communications.

- Receive and act on guidance from the Vice President, Communications and Marketing, and their staff and keep them informed about matters involving public affairs operations.

- Serve as an auxiliary member of the Brigadier and Sphinx staff and support both publications with a regular supply of articles, photographs, and ideas.

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