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JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

- Directly supervise the XO, platoon leaders, and 1SG.

- Be prepared to directly supervise other special officers such as academic, athletic, and human affairs based on the specific situation, but routinely manage them indirectly through the XO.

- Assess unit training readiness using the METL process.

- Plan, prepare, execute, and assess all collective training events, including unit inspections, ESP, unit PT, drill and parades, and Challenge Week.

- Lead the process of developing, communicating, and implementing the unit vision.

- Provide the commander’s intent for each mission and approve all plans.

- Administer the JLBC company commander-level responsibilities for the discipline system, leaves and passes, and other JLBC administrative actions specified in the JLBC Blue Book. This task may be delegated to the JLBC XO.

- Receive and act on guidance from the Company TAC and keep him or she informed about matters involving cadet training, leader development, discipline, morale, health and welfare, concerns, suggestions, problems, and safety.

Company Executive Officer. The mission of the Company Executive Officer is to plan, coordinate, and execute the logistical and administrative support necessary to ensure all company missions are adequately resourced, synchronized, and managed and to exercise control over all company activities to ensure they are executed following the commander’s intent.

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