JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

JLBC Develop a one-day personal physical fitness plan specifying the intensity, time, and types of physical activities for each component of physical fitness.

Fitness (continued)

JLBC Identify contraindicated exercises and their adverse effects on the body.

JLBC Classifies physical activities as being aerobic or anaerobic.

JLBC Explain methods of monitoring heart rate intensity.

JLBC List the long-term benefits of participation in regular physical activity.

JLBC Compile and analyze a log listing food intake/calories consumed and energy expended through physical activity.

Instructional cues for jogging (Spark, Power Walking/Jogging )

The technique (Spark, Power Walking/Jogging )

Various Walking & Jogging Activities (Spark, Power Walking/Jogging )

Card Run

Partner Jog

Pass the Ball

Jump Rope Run

Dribble Run

Grab bag Run

Run USA (with maps included)

Obstacle Course Runs

JLBC Weeks 4-5: Fitness Pre-Test/Goal Setting

Continue Fitnessgram demonstration

Use Fitnessgram DVD and physical demonstration

Pre-test in all components of fitness

JLBC Record unofficial Fitnessgram scores and compare them to Healthy Fitness Zone Chart (Appendix)

JLBC Set short-term and long-term goals for each component of fitness JLBC (individual and class) (Appendix)

JLBC Plan moderate to vigorous activities to participate in at least four times a week--- outline/brainstorm activities together as a class

Each student will set their weekly activities and chart all physical activity for a designated period

Too Good for Drugs Lessons:

“The Road Ahead,”

“Decision Making,”

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