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JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

Furthermore, attention must be paid to the organization's culture to ensure that capacity-building activities will be practical. UWCA can help its organizations be successful in capacity-building efforts by supporting them to consider their culture as an influence on their work.

Recommendation #5: Ensure capacity building efforts are evaluated

As the literature identified, attributing increased social impact due to capacity-building efforts is difficult. However, while challenging, it is still necessary. UWCA should ensure that organizations understand that the purpose is to assess progress to determine ongoing needs and focus resources and relate evaluation results to specific programs and their overall organizational development. Furthermore, it is recommended that the evaluation collects information in the most efficient and least burdensome method possible. Finally, evaluation should support organizations in learning from their evaluation data.

UWCA should use its capacity-building model to help them holistically evaluate their capacity-building investments instead of focusing on individual assets. Utilizing data will allow the organization to learn about its capacity-building investments.


Capacity building for organizational effectiveness involves several resources, including money, time, and the energy to see it through. All capacity building involves change – what to change, how to change, and incorporating those changes into the daily routine of organizational life.

Almost everything about capacity building requires patience. Regardless of how well the capacity-building activity may be, this work can be longer and more complicated than expected. Building capacity can seem never‐ending, as a change in one area often impacts others, requiring further change. There are few quick fixes for capacity building for organizational effectiveness. As more funders and non‐profits move into this area, the ability to be patient and steadfast in capacity-building efforts may be the most significant success factor. With this understanding in place, United Way of Calgary and Area is poised to support itself and others in the sector through this journey of high performance.

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