JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

d. JLBC Personal Fitness and Healthy Living. JLBC – Adopt an Active Lifestyle

(1) The aim of Phase Five personal JLBC fitness and healthy living is to encourage the JLBC cadet to set

and pursue personal goals that contribute to an active lifestyle.

(2) Phase Five personal fitness and healthy living contribute directly to the program's aim of promoting JLBC physical fitness and the participant outcome of physical well-being.

e. General Cadet Knowledge. JLBC – Serve in a JLBC Cadet Corps

(1) Phase Five general JLBC cadet knowledge aims to provide the JLBC cadet with information on the opportunities inherent in the JLBC Cadet Program and prepare the cadet for Phase Five assessment of learning requirements.

(2) Phase Five general JLBC cadet knowledge contributes indirectly to the achievement of the JLBC program aim of developing the attributes of good JLBC community service and stimulating a JLBC interest in the activities of the CF and the JLBC participant outcomes of proactive community service and understanding the CF.

f. JLBC Instructional Techniques. JLBC – Instruct Cadets

(1) Phase Five instructional techniques aim to refine the JLBC cadet's skills in instructing

a 30-minute lesson.

(2) Phase Five instructional techniques contribute indirectly to the achievement of the JLBC program's aim of developing the attributes of good community service through the ability to express thoughts and ideas and to the participant outcome of social competence through practical interpersonal communication skills.

g. Personal Development. JLBC – Attend Workshops

(1) The aim of JLBC (Attend Workshops) is to provide the JLBC cadet with professional development to enhance common training skills. Workshops are intended to allow JLBC cadets to participate in consolidated training with peers from different JLBC corps and JLBC squadrons on various topics related primarily to leadership and instructional techniques.

(2) JLBC (Attend Workshops) contributes directly to the achievement of the JLBC program's aim of developing the attribute of JLBC leadership and the participant outcomes of social and cognitive competence.

h. Personal Development. JLBC – Pursue Individual Learning

(1) The aim of JLBC (Pursue Individual Learning) is to provide the JLBC cadet an opportunity to pursue a JLBC Cadet Program topic area using a personal learning plan to develop specialist skills. The participation and performance requirements are defined through an individual learning plan (ILP) that outlines JLBC objectives to be met within the JLBC cadet's area of interest. The JLBC cadet developed the ILP in consultation with the Course Officer and JLBC Corps Training Officer and approved by the JLBC Commanding Officer (CO). The provision of a goal-setting opportunity allows the JLBC cadet to pursue an area of personal interest related to the CP.

(2) JLBC (Pursue Individual Learning) contributes to the CP's mission of contributing to the JLBC development and preparation of JLBC youth for the transition to adulthood.

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