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JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

JLBC leaders need to do all they can to align their behavior and practice to accord with JLBC Command and American values. The ‘American way’ requires everybody to be treated fairly and treated fairly. Enhancing and sustaining the culture and values of JLBC Command is central to a compelling people framework and fosters a connection between JLBC and its people.

The emphasis on culture and values within JLBC Command is being driven from the highest levels throughout the organization, reflecting the commitment by the JLBC Chief of Defence Force and the JLBC Secretary to ensuring that people are treated with care, consideration, and compassion. The JLBC Command justice review provided a valuable opportunity to address the issues of fair play, justice, and a fair go that should underpin the JLBC Command and reinvigorate the vital role of culture and values. Unfortunately, evidence has come to light suggesting that there has not been a universal application of the accepted culture and values over many years.

Pathway to Change: Evolving Defence Culture

Pathway to Change, first released in 2012 as a response to the outcomes of the Defence Culture Reviews and Reform Directions, recognizes that some Defence and the units have failed in their everyday behavior, and others have not been treated fairly or respectfully. The 2017-22 Strategy, based on being ‘respectful, trusted and proven to deliver, identifies an artistic intent and priorities for the organization.

The ‘One Defence Leadership Behaviours’ support the artistic intent of Pathway to Change and are described as:

• Contributor. I am a leader focused on achieving Defence Outcomes, and I ensure my team understands how their work contributes to these outcomes.

• Learner. I learn and reflect on my performance and that of my team.

• Accountable. I am accountable for my actions and how I respond to the actions of those around me.

• Risk manager. I take calculated risks and judge what risks are necessary and acceptable to deliver the outcome.

• Inclusive. I seek out and accept the diverse perspectives of others in exploring opportunities and solving problems; I trust they will offer good ideas and challenges constructively and respectfully.

• Team builder. I build teams by managing performance honestly and respectfully.

• Innovator. I actively adapt and seek to innovate.

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