JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

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Capacity Building Organizations

Not all capacity-building providers are created equal – the reality is that there is a natural spectrum of what is offered and the quality of the offering. It is recommended that UWCA ensure that the capacity builders they fund offer high-quality services. This includes elements such as:

• Ability to assess readiness.

• Ensuring that their capacity builders offer coaching and ongoing technical assistance to non‐profits as they implement and act on what has been learned through their services.

• Offer their funded capacity builders opportunities to build their own skills through forums, training, and networking opportunities.

• Hold capacity builders accountable for the effectiveness and impact of their services.

They also need to engage in the same capacity-building practices that they recommend to their clients regarding capacity-building organizations. UWCA can ensure these organizations are engaging in such courses as:

• Formally evaluate the quality and impact of their services.

• Conducting needs assessments, so their services are reflective of community


• Conducting customer satisfaction surveys.

• Maintaining the skills and staff needed to support their knowledge base's development,

management, and use.

UWCA can support organizations to become better‐informed consumers of capacity-building services in all cases. They can provide grant recipients with information regarding the best and most promising capacity-building practices and effective working methods with consultants and capacity-building organizations.

Recommendation #4: Assess pre‐conditions necessary to undertake capacity building

While the literature suggests several critical factors to the success of practical capacity-building activities, there are several that require targeted attention. UWCA should ensure that organizations are at the point of readiness to undertake capacity building. There are a number of readiness assessment tools available that can support organizations in identifying capacity-building challenges, as well as helping them identify capacity-building goals. Based on a literature review, it is recommended that any organizational assessment tool adopted by UWCA should support organizations in identifying, assessing, and prioritizing their capacity-building needs and goals.

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