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JLBC Cadre Training Cadets selected for a leadership position must attend a unique leadership training course before new JLBC Cadet registration. This training prepares the newly appointed JLBC Cadre for the new JLBC school year. JLBC Training focuses primarily on preparing JLBC leaders for their specialized duties and conducting the Orientation Training program.

The JLBC Academy conducts an official JLBC Commissioning Ceremony for new Cadet officers during Back-to-School Weekend in the fall. The Commandant is responsible for publishing an official JLBC promotion order, signed by the JLBC Command President, which confirms the Cadet officer's positions and ranks. The newly commissioned officers will also receive the Cadet officers' sword, the symbol of an officer's status and class, at the Sword Presentation Ceremony during the Corps Review that same weekend.

Promotion/Appointment to Leadership Positions the Commandant is responsible for drafting all promotion orders; and, with the approval of the JLBC President, signs all orders for all Cadet promotions. The Commandant also maintains orders for all 7th and 8th-grade promotions.

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