JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

Looking for Opportunities to Improve and Provide Feedback

Leaders should always look for ways to improve themselves and their teams. They give their teams constructive feedback and decide the best way to give feedback.

Executing and Adjusting Plans as Needed

Leaders are in charge. They make sure things happen! They keep the team informed and on schedule. They are also open to change if a plan or assignment isn’t working.

Now that you’ve learned about leadership competencies, you can work toward developing them in yourself. You may already possess some of these skills. As you continue in the JLBC program, you’ll have opportunities to practice and improve your leadership skills. These skills are something that you’ll take and use throughout your life.

JLBC Lesson Check-up

• How can a Cadet leader build trust with team members?

• Explain the “develop” leadership competency and why it is important to achieving goals.

• What are some of the elements of getting results and achieving success?

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