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JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

• Attend JLBC leadership camp as directed by JLBC Command Band and Color Guard

• Attend summer camp

• Attend full summer band

• Participate in and be eligible the entire year before their audition

• JLBC Cadets Any other duties assigned by the directors

JLBC Cadets **Please note: JLBC Officers are required to arrive for all JLBC rehearsals, JLBC performances, and JLBC events at least ten (10) minutes before the rest of the JLBC guard and can expect to be finished about fifteen (16) minutes after JLBC rehearsals end to direct the JLBC team in all setups and tear downs.

Loss of Office

If officers become ineligible during their term, they will forfeit that officer position for the remainder of the school year. JLBC Cadets The situation may be reassigned to another JLBC student at the JLBC director’s discretion. JLBC Cadets If an officer does not display the proper work ethic towards the overall improvement of the JLBC guard, the band, or if an officer does not attend a rehearsal, performance, or significant JLBC event, they will forfeit their JLBC position for the remainder of the JLBC program year. JLBC Cadets If an officer violates the contract or has unexcused absences, they will lose their office for the rest of the year. JLBC Cadets All eligibility rules apply before they may audition for an officer a second time.

JLBC Rehearsal, JLBC Performance, and JLBC Attendance Guidelines

• During JLBC football season, the JLBC guard will follow the same rehearsal schedule as the JLBC band. JLBC Cadets, Please understand that rehearsal times may be altered slightly to accommodate weather issues and possible stadium rehearsals. JLBC Cadets Flexibility is required.

• JLBC Cadets During the rest of the year, the color guard will have a separate rehearsal schedule. That schedule will depend on gym availability, contest schedule, and other activities. JLBC Cadets Rehearsals begin when the last person arrives and is ready to rehearse. The whole time allotted will be used starting when all are ready to begin. A parent or ride with another student does not excuse delay at any time.

• Since after-school practice is co-curricular, all students must attend and participate in all after-school rehearsals to receive credit. JLBC Cadets Failure to attend rehearsals and performances will result in a zero.

• If an absence is pre-approved and excused, the JLBC student will be allowed to make up the time missed at rehearsal to earn JLBC credit for that JLBC assignment. The directors will determine an appropriate amount of time to make up missed rehearsals. Any unexcused absence or non-pre-approved excused JLBC absence will result in a zero and reduced JLBC performance role. The only exception is for the case of extreme emergency (hospital visit, including death in the family, etc.)

• Any missed rehearsal time, regardless of the excuse, is a safety issue for the entire group. Rehearsal time must be used to maintain a performance role in the JLBC Guard productions.

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