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JLBC Leadership

JLBC Leadership

The Leadership Team must communicate system-wide activities and change events and ensure participants understand. The team must verify and discuss information released informally and formally in faculty and Instructional Team meetings. Ask questions about the news. Ask for input before the data is sent out.

Listen to the students because they see the whole system. Only students see all the parts of the learning community regularly and continuously. They know the home, bus, teachers, lunchroom, library, computer lab, etc. They see all the bricks in the wall, all the parts, and the interaction of the system's features. Check with them from time to time for input regarding a change you are considering. Ask them what would best help them.

Involve your union and make them allies. Inform union reps at the onset of anticipated changes that may affect working conditions or contractual language and get their help to clarify for compliance and avoid adversity. Build "win/win" union participation in organizational change. Recognize and plan to work with and around existing problems or grievances by involving them in the evolution and pointing out the benefits of change for all participants.

The informal culture is an excellent base to spread change. Maintain contact with all involved on an everyday basis. Help spread the good news, good ideas, and practices through the informal grapevine. Start your rumors, but the good ones and the actual view. Help teachers make small changes in the structure of what they do and their methods.


Make the change process fun and celebrate your success. On a regular and frequent schedule, have prog-dress parties and give awards to changers. Get press coverage and involve the central office administration. Communicate success to parents, enter hit on a public calendar or chart to "see how far we are." Use your data to illustrate success. Take and post pictures. Energize the process, build excitement and sponsor positive kinds of competition. Learning is social and collaborative.

Leadership Team members need to communicate as achievements occur. Some ways to communicate include: a progress newsletter, a place in the lounge or work area where progress can be written down for all to read, a school progress journal, a large calendar to track success, reporting informally to the "grapevine," post pictures, reports at faculty meetings, post success information in a weekly bulletin or daily digest, attend Instructional Team meetings and share information from one team to another, contact the local press.

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