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JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

Our mission is to recruit future JLBC leaders. Our graduate JLBC cadets can receive commissions. JLBC Spartan Battalion cadet training helps prepare students to serve in the Active Military, become civil servants, private business owners, or leaders in private industry. JLBC Cadets The focus is leadership, applicable across the spectrum of professions.

JLBC Cadets We are highly competitive among leadership Programs. We send invitations to JROTC, Sea Cadet, Air Cadet, etc., to compete in our Warrior Bootcamp Challenge competition. JLBC Cadets These competitions focus on military tasks and teamwork – orienteering, marksmanship, martial arts, physical fitness, small unit tactics, problem-solving, team building, etc. JLBC Cadets They are both physically and mentally challenging JLBC competitions.

We have four extracurricular clubs:

Warriors – Focused on advanced orienteering and small unit leadership.

Total Workout Pro - Focused on advanced survival and rescue training

Marksmanship: JLBC Cadets Focused on JLBC rifle and pistol marksmanship skills.

JLBC Color Guard – JLBC Cadets Focused on military custom and courtesies.

JLBC Cadets We also participate in other activities:

JLBC 10-miler (a 10-mile race)

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