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JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

The whole JLBC team to help with recruiting and talking to possible youth leaders. Remember that you are a coach assisting players in getting in the correct position; your role is not to play all the positions.

What if I am the only person and I don’t have a JLBC team?

As the saying goes, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Start with getting one key person; from there, the two of you work together, and you work on getting more members.

Other important things to note:

JLBC Leaders Meetings

You and your leaders must be growing and connecting. I recommend a monthly meeting at the very least. A few ideas for you that can help you as you meet:

a) Have a set time to start and end and stick to it; one to two hours is a reasonable time frame.

b) Have a fun element in the mix. Do something to get to know each other better or have fun together.

c) an excellent way to start the meeting is by telling stories for five to ten minutes. As the leader, it would help if you had one ready to start with.

d) Have a training element. Take some time to help your leaders grow. Some possible things you can do for training include:

JLBC Training topics

JLBC Class Outlines

JLBC Scenarios

e) Where to meet: You may want to meet at someone’s house and have a meal and then block time for ministry discussion and training. You may want to meet after or before JLBC Class when everyone is already at the JLBC Program building. You may want to meet and rotate the topic every other month. Talk about the overall JLBC Program once and have the next meeting focus strictly on training.

f) When to meet: It is strongly suggested you set a regular monthly time to complete; for example, the third Monday of every month or the fourth Tuesday. One suggestion might be to meet nine or ten months a year and then take some good time off during the summer and around the end of the year in December with all the holiday festivities

g) Ask everyone to commit to being present at these meetings; if they can’t make it, ask them to let you know.

h) Give various sections of the meeting to others to lead, e.g., devotions, games, and food. Let them know in advance

Get to know your leaders.

On the JLBC Website, you will find a get-to-know-your-neighbor post. Ask your leaders to fill it out; you will be amazed at how just remembering someone’s birthday or getting them a snack they like will help them know how much you care. If you have someone good at hospitality, ask them to take that responsibility for the JLBC team.

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