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JLBC Leadership

JLBC Leadership

As leaders, we need a commitment to help others learn to lead and manage themselves. Your leadership is vital because we are unprepared for the changes we are experiencing today.

The best way to get people to learn is to turn them into teachers. As a teacher, I know I begin to master the material as I ready myself to teach it to others. As leaders, we have to teach others what we learn, and we have to systematically apply what we know to be able to do it and then prepare some more.

As in the old saying, “Do as I say, not as I do,” most of us know what to do, but we don’t heed our advice. To know something and not do it is not learning in the final analysis. We can’t sit on the couch and quarterback. We have to do it. Effective leadership requires that we walk our talk. With a commitment to developing knowledge, skills, and attitudes, we create a habit of leadership, one of walking our conversation, one of knowing and of doing.

Commitment builds on the foundation of understanding our mission and values. Influential leaders know where they are headed and why. Leaders’ goals and objectives align with their mission and values to assure success. Weekly activities are planned by focusing on the mission, values, goals, and dreams. Our leadership compass of mission, values, goals, objectives, and weekly plans should inform our daily activities. Leading with commitment and clarity makes saying “no” to an activity that doesn’t match our leadership compass accessible. Or at least easier.

What does a leadership compass look like for a parent leader? The

combinations will be as varied as the number of people on this planet, but

some common themes emerge: commitment to problem-solving within a

family and marriage; commitment to helping each family member uncover

and pursue their interests and potential with the resources available;

commitment to personal values that may include respect for the

individual, kindness, compassion, self-regulation, forgiveness, and gratitude.

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