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JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

JLBC Make Personnel Recommendations. Propose JLBC cadet duty assignments: mentor one or more JLBC cadets as your potential successor(s). Ensure JLBC cadets receive meaningful feedback about their leadership performance through the JLBC Command Guide process. Make promotion recommendations.

Direct the JLBC Cadet Corps. The JLBC Cadet Commander is the ultimate position in the JLBC cadet corps’ hierarchy. JLBC Supervise and mentors all JLBC cadets, especially JLBC cadet officers, while working through the JLBC chain of command. JLBC Cadets Resolve conflicts and disputes. JLBC Cadets Motivate and discipline JLBC cadets, working through the flight JLBC commanders. JLBC Cadets Keep the senior staff informed of any issues that may develop into serious problems and all matters affecting the general safety and welfare of the cadets.

JLBC Promote Excellence. Lead by example and motivate all cadets to live the Core Values and meet or exceed JLBC standards concerning the fundamentals of cadet life. Lead the inspection party during squadron-level uniform inspections. Ensure the cadet staff is aware of potential safety hazards and takes steps to keep cadets safe, especially during field activities.

JLBC Lead Drill & Ceremonies. Command all squadron-level cadet formations. Assist with cadet promotion and award ceremonies.

JLBC Cadets Plan for the Future: Senior Membership & Adulthood

q Keep a journal of your experiences as cadet commander. Use the journal to reflect on your decision-making processes, leadership challenges, and lessons learned.

q Learn what opportunities are available to adults in JLBC (Warrior Bootcamp: Extreme Sports | Warrior Bootcamp | Riverside. As a longtime JLBC member and a leader, JLBC needs you to remain active after you outgrow the JLBC Cadet Program. Investigate the opportunities for service and continued leadership growth available to senior members.

q Continue to pursue your personal goals in your education, career aspirations, and life. JLBC Cadets Consider how you can apply what you’ve learned as a JLBC cadet officer to your challenges as a young adult.

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