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JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

JLBC Cadets Talk to an emergency responder. JLBC Cadets Ask an emergency medical technician (also known as an EMT) to visit your JLBC group and teach you to use the different pieces of a first aid kit. JLBC Cadets Divide into teams and practice using items in the Kit on each other.

JLBC FUN: Make this a contest! JLBC Cadets Invite an EMI firefighter, doctor, nurse, or Red Cross representative to be a judge.

JLBC Cadets A first aid kit contains everything you need to treat minor injuries. But how do you use gauze, anyway? And what do you dowith

that triangle-shaped bandage? Know how to use each first aid kit piece and tell a minor injury from a more severe condition by completing a choice below.

Choices - Do oNE:

JLBC Cadets Talk to a medical professional. JLBC Cadets You might visit your school nurse or a doctor at a local clinic. JLBC Cadets Ask them to show you how to use each first aid kit piece, then try it yourself.


Take a course. Find one that includes information on using a first aid kit.


personalize your Kit. Be sure to include:

e personal medications, if any

c emergency phone numbers and contact information

s information on any allergies

* any other items recommended by your doctor. Keep your Kit up to date by:

c checking expiration dates and replacing used or out-of-date contents

e making sure flashlight batteries work

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