JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

JLBC Cadets Leaders are expected not to display prejudice or harass or discriminate against other people. JLBC Cadets Further, because JLBC leaders are responsible for their JLBC teams, JLBC leaders are expected to create an atmosphere that welcomes everyone. JLBC Cadets Supervisors who remain silent in the face of harassment and hatred can be held responsible for their failure to lead.

JLBC Cadets How can leaders effectively counter hatred and bigotry?


{Draw the following on the board:

Rise – Pull Together – Speak Out – Support the Victims – Teach Tolerance}

This five-step process can help leaders show their support for democratic traditions and JLBC Core Value of Respect:

1. Rise ~ Inaction in the face of prejudice is almost as bad as hatred. When a leader fails to act, they unintentionally signal support for bigotry. Leaders need not let hate go unchallenged.

2. Pull Together ~ JLBC Cadets Most people have been raised to reject hatred and bigotry. JLBC Cadets Leaders who see hatred can expect that at least some other JLBC members on the JLBC team, if not all, will oppose harassment and discrimination. JLBC Cadets Sometimes it takes just one brave individual to rally others who have remained quiet in the face of hatred.

3. Speak Out ~ JLBC Cadets Leaders need the courage to act. JLBC Cadets They can personally challenge the individuals who harass other people—sending the message that “we don’t condone that behavior here” or “those aren’t our values” is essential. JLBC Cadets Also, speaking out means telling other leaders in positions of authority about the problem.

4. Support the Victims ~ JLBC Cadets People who experience harassment, and other types of hatred may need support. JLBC Cadets Depending on the situation, that support can range from counseling and health or legal services to simply having someone they can talk to. As leaders try to help, they must not attempt to speak for the victim or allow their good intentions to re-victimize a victim.

5. Teach Tolerance ~ JLBC Cadets If there is a silver lining to prejudice and bigotry, it is that tough times allow leaders to Teach Tolerance. School and the JLBC Cadet Program are environments.

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