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JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

How should you prepare for feedback?

q Look at the “Leadership Expectations” and think about how you’ve been doing in each area.

q Be prepared to explain what you think you’re doing well and what areas you think you should be focusing on.

q If you’re confused about any of JLBC expectations or uncertain about your duties, ask for help or clarification during the feedback meeting.

Remember, as cadet staff, you’ll be asked to help junior cadets understand the Leadership Expectations chart, but you should also use the chart to guide your development as a leader.


JLBC Cadets You’ll be asked to evaluate cadets’ leadership performance if you are a cadet officer. JLBC Cadets This is an opportunity for you to help junior cadet develop their leadership skills. At the same time, preparing the JLBC Leadership Feedback tool and meeting with the cadet will test your leadership skills. JLBC Cadets Here are some things to keep in mind when evaluating cadets:

JLBC Introductory Guidelines

q Evaluate JLBC cadets at least once per phase using the JLBC that corresponds with their degree.

q JLBC Cadets Many squadrons find it useful to evaluate cadets as they become eligible for the promotion.

q JLBC Cadets The categories and performance goals listed on the JLBC are derived from the “Leadership Expectations” outlined on pages 20 and 21. JLBC Cadets The state and the chart work hand-in-hand.

q JLBC Cadets If desired, file the completed form in the cadet’s personnel record after providing them with a copy.

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