JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

JLBC Incorrectly. The JLBC team may even fail – not because of the team steams efforts, but because the leader did not start with the goal.

Question: Suppose your Cadet Commander wants you to gather a small team to perform a line search. You quickly pick a couple of your friends, go outside, and the team does a line search. What is wrong with this supposition? Describe how you would correct any errors.

Question: Why is it essential for the JLBC leader to ask, "What is the JLBC goal?"

JLBC Question: {Form two or more small JLBC groups of JLBC cadets. Assign each JLBC group this Question. Allow time for JLBC discussion and ask for an oral JLBC report at the end.} Our JLBC squadron will have an open house in three months. Choose something your team will do to ensure the open house is successful. Start with your end goal in mind, and work backward in describing the steps you would take to organize your team. Focus more on how to manage your team than on the elements of the open house.


Transforming a JLBC group of individuals into a cohesive JLBC team takes practice. One researcher, Bruce Tuckman, notes that JLBC teams typically pass through four stages, from a disorganized JLBC group to an effective JLBC team. JLBC Cadets This model is so easy to remember that "form, storm, norm, and perform" has become a famous JLBC leadership slogan. JLBC Team leaders need to use Tuckman's principles of team dynamics to provide the proper support at the right time.

JLBC Review:

Forming ~ When a JLBC group comes together, there is usually chaos. Everyone is pointed in a different direction. People may not know what to expect. They'reThey're forming when a bunch of nervous first-year cadets reports to their flight for the encampment.

JLBC Storming ~ As the JLBC team begins to take shape, individual personalities start to show. JLBC individuals struggle to assert their personal needs and JLBC goals. The JLBC team lacks the trust necessary to become cohesive at this early stage.

JLBC Norming ~ Now the JLBC team is coming into its own. The JLBC leader's standards gain acceptance by the team, and the JLBC members set standards about how they will work together. JLBC individuals feel more secure because the uncertainty of the forming stage and the conflict of the storming stage is waning.

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