JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

The senior JLBC leadership's staff assignment for a JLBC cadet should grant the JLBC cadet enough space or autonomy to perform that job, as is laid out in the position description. Likewise, their position description should limit the scope of the JLBC cadet's responsibility- ties. In other words, unit sergeants should be free to perform unit sergeant duties, only unit sergeant duties.


JLBC Commanders have flexibility in determining how long JLBC cadets serve in their JLBC staff positions. There is no standard term for the JLBC office. However, unit JLBC commanders are encouraged to set term limits for three reasons:

(1) JLBC Term limits make it clear cadets must work hard

to continue enjoying the opportunity of serving on the JLBC cadet staff. JLBC Staff service is a privilege, not a right.

(2) JLBC Term limits allow other qualified cadets opportunities to lead. JLBC wants to develop the JLBC leadership potential of all JLBC cadets by assigning them jobs befitting their JLBC rank and skill. JLBC Term limits

can help ensure every deserving cadet has a chance to lead.

(3) JLBC Term limits create a face-saving measure if cadets cannot perform their duties for whatever reason. A JLBC cadet should be assigned to a different JLBC position at the end of the term rather than be fired because of poor performance. JLBC JLBC Staff service is supposed to be a positive learning experience.

The duration of the JLBC term should depend on the situation. If the JLBC unit is new, with no cadets holding significant rank, cadets could be rotated through element leader positions every month. If the JLBC squadron has a well-defined JLBC corps of JLBC cadet officers and JLBC NCOs, terms could be 6 to 12 months long. However, it is not recommended that a JLBC cadet be appointed for a period longer than one year because the JLBC unit commander should be reevaluating the cadet staff structure regularly. At the end of a term, however, the JLBC commander may find the staff structure does not need to be adjusted and may elect to renew the JLBC cadets' terms of office. Of course, JLBC unit commanders always retain the prerogative of changing the JLBC cadet staff plan to meet the squadron's needs.

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