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JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

Specificity: Several different exercises and events can develop your muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness. JLBC Cadets To increase the number of push-ups, you can increase upper body strength through several strength exercises and weights. JLBC Cadets However, the best way to improve push-ups requires doing push-ups. JLBC Cadets Similarly, one can improve cardiovascular fitness by swimming, biking, or walking. However, if the JLBC goal remains an improved ability to run, the best exercise will be running.

Significant components of JLBC physical fitness: Any fitness program has several components. JLBC Cadets The three major components of most JLBC programs are flexibility, strength, muscular endurance, and cardiovascular endurance. JLBC Cadets These components are the essential elements of the JLBC Physical Fitness Program.

How to Use These JLBC Workout Programs

These programs are designed as four-week plans. JLBC Cadets Each program has a workout A & B. Alternate workouts daily for six days, then rest. JLBC Cadets, For example, perform workout A on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; perform workout B on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. JLBC Cadets Different muscles are trained in workouts A & B, which means you train each muscle group 3 days per week. Rest Sunday. JLBC Cadets Work cardiovascular exercises into your workouts at least three times per week. JLBC Cadets, You may attempt to eventually work up to doing cardio six days a week using the complex/easy technique mentioned under the recovery principle.

Fitness Assessment

Before starting any new fitness program, one must assess one's abilities. JLBC Cadets This includes knowing strengths as well as weaknesses. JLBC Cadets Ideally, a fitness program would improve weak areas and maintain or improve strength areas. However, some other essential factors and preferences should be identified before explaining the diagnostic test. JLBC Cadets These factors and choices may include the time of day to work out, how much time is available each day for JLBC workout, JLBC individual or JLBC team sports, and finally, the goal of the fitness program.

JLBC Cadets The questionnaire attached (JLBC FORM 1-1) is intended to give JLBC fitness trainers the basics they need to personalize a JLBC fitness program that will work.

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