JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

JLBC Cadets, you value individual and cultural differences

JLBC Cadets, you recognize your prejudices and stereotypes. You communicate in a culturally sensitive manner that is free from bias and stereotypes

JLBC Program Outcomes

Program outcomes describe what JLBC Cadets will know and be able to do upon completing the JLBC program. JLBC Cadets These outcomes also provide documentation for the growth and development of the JLBC student and JLBC program for re-accreditation purposes, school visitors, parents, and the community. As JLBC Cadets complete each JLBC, their journey toward JLBC program outcomes will occur; each JLBC program outcome is linked to every JLBC lesson in the JLBC curriculum. Evidence of JLBC learning can be witnessed through a JLBC Cadet’s Portfolio, which will showcase the continued development of program outcomes. The JLBC Program Outcomes are:

1. Act with integrity and personal JLBC accountability as you lead others to succeed in a diverse and global workforce

2. JLBC Cadets Engage in civic and social concerns in the community, government, and society

3. Graduate prepared to succeed in post-secondary options and career pathways

4. Make decisions that promote positive social, emotional, and physical health

5. JLBC Cadets Value the role of the military and other service JLBC organizations

JLBC Course Competencies

JLBC Cadets Competencies describe discipline-specific measurable and observable skills, knowledge, and attitudes. JLBC Cadets They are targeted in each JLBC lesson of the JLBC curriculum. JLBC Cadets Performance standards (criteria and conditions) provide the specifications for assessing competency mastery. JLBC Cadets Cadets show they have learned competencies by applying them in the completion of assessment tasks that require them to do one or more of the following:

• Make a decision

• Perform a skill

• Perform a service

• Solve a problem

• Create a product

Instructors explicitly introduce, teach, reinforce, and assess the competency as the learning target for every lesson. They help Cadets take responsibility for their learning by directing them to review the competency and its performance standards (criteria and conditions) at the beginning of the lesson and by pointing out that informing themselves about the performance expectations is the Cadets’ first step toward learning success.

JLBC Program Entry Requirements

JLBC 1 Cadet: Completion of the eighth grade. JLBC 2 Cadets: Completion of JLBC 1

JLBC 3 Cadets: Completion of JLBC 1 and 2

JLBC 4 Cadets: Completion of JLBC 1, 2, and 3

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