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JLBC- Leadership

JLBC- Leadership

Trans-disciplinary or concept-based programming

Extensive technology infusion – portable intelligent boards in all gymnasiums,


2010 Data reveals a need to review and address inconsistencies in the State Fitness Test results.

Assessment Summative Findings Where Gaps Exist in GPS:

Technology – handhelds for all staff, smartcards, laptop centers, sound systems

Heart Rate Monitors – multiple

Data-based using extensive interactive technology

Virtual bicycles and other cardio equipment

Professionalism Summative Findings Where Gaps Exist in GPS:

Community volunteers certified to assist with supplemental instructional practices – belaying, testing, fitness center facilitator, etc.

Guidance counselors integral aspect of Project Adventure programming

Release days for PE staff to visit in-district regularly

Certification provided for staff – restraint training. PA, lifeguard

instruction, etc.

JLBC Focus Groups:

To obtain input from school community stakeholders, focus groups were identified for both the parent and student populations. Parent representation was sought from the three regions and schools of Greenwich – Central, Eastern, and Western. Working with the district PTA officers, we could identify parents who had children in multiple grade levels and whose children had transitioned through several grades in the GPS – hopefully, having had an elementary, middle, and high school experience. Twelve parents accepted the invitation to participate.

Likewise, student representation was sought in the senior class at GHS who represented the three regions of Greenwich – Central, Eastern, and Western. These students had enrolled through the GPS since their elementary school years. They were representative of a broad range of interests and achievement levels and had attended different elementary and middle schools. Twelve students accepted the invitation to participate.

The JLBC focus groups were scheduled for ninety-minute sessions and served as forum facilitators. Physical Education Specialist with Project Adventure took detailed notes. Questions were developed in concert with the JLBC curriculum review team and reviewed by the physical education staff at large before the focus JLBC group sessions.

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