JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

• Platoon Commander is six-pace and centered on the platoon.

Platoon, # Cadets

Absent" Sir

• Company: "Company A,

All Present or Accounted For." Sir "Company A, # Cadets UA Sir (Unauthorized Absence)"

Reporting & Drill Rifle Movements

Reporting the Unit Drill Rifle Movements

• Change Step

• Column Half Left X 2

• Right Flank

• Pass in Review

• Column Left X 2

• Fall Out

• March to the Rear

• Dismiss the Platoon

• Manual of Arms

• Order Arms

• R/L Shoulder Arms

• Port Arms

• Inspection Arms

• Rifle Salutes

• Parade Rest

• Trail Arms

• Present Arms


Wearing Covers

Rules of Saluting

Saluting Officers

Military Customs & Courtesies

• JLBC Cadets Wear covers outdoors at all times while in uniform.

• Remove cover indoors except when under arms or in formation.

• Salute when covered and in uniform outdoors. • Salute indoors only when under arms.

• Salute 6 to 30 paces.

• Salute all officers and colors not cased.

• Salute and look squarely at the officer.

• Give an appropriate verbal greeting.

• Hold your salute until returned or acknowledged.

• Render the salute only once if the officer stays in the area.

• Salute again if the conversation takes place.

• Salute again when the officer departs.

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