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JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

When asked to rank the types of activities these students liked to see in JLBC PE; they did the following:

1: Team building/Adventure

2: Lifetime sports

3: Team and competitive sports

Have grade 8 focus on personal training and fitness for life. Some students said they only learned how to get in shape in afterschool sports. If one‟s schedule does not allow for the personal fitness elective in high school, it is possible to miss this altogether.

Middle school gymnastics

What is the dream state for PE at JLBC Command?


More choice in activities

A second gym at the High School

Fitness center at the High School

Smaller class sizes

Adaptive PE equipment, class, and teacher

Put PE at an appropriate time of day to assist students in learning Lifeguard training

Make aquatics more fun, including water polo


Fitness centers in middle schools

Locker rooms

Giant jungle gyms for older kids to play on

Outdoor ropes courses

Gymnastics at the High School

More content, more offerings

Guest speakers, like fly fishing instruction

Middle School offers an after-lunch recess/activity time to play and run around. Expand the playgrounds

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