JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

A leader who also strives to use personal power is practicing transformational leadership. They inspire excellence and dedication in followers by creating a positive atmosphere of teamwork, trust, and appreciation.

Question: If a leader instills an atmosphere of teamwork and trust, what are some ways that the leader can fail?

Question: When is transformational leadership limiting? Question: When do you think personal power is best used? Why? JLBC CONCLUSION

Summary: Power is both positional and personal. Abuse of power is one of the most common errors that leaders make. A leader is not a leader without followers, so the proper application of force will compel others to follow.

Remotivation: Your toolkit has various types of power that will enable you to guide and influence others. The most influential leader will have both position and personal power.

Closure: Ok, let’s stand to be dismissed. You did it yet again!


Note to the instructor: Every informal discussion should be followed by one or more hands-on activities reinforcing one or more of the concepts being discussed. These activities should last 25-30 minutes, giving about one hour total block of time for the leadership session at a typical JLBC meeting (25-30 minutes for the informal discussion, plus 25-30 minutes for the activities).

Along with any questions found in the activities themselves, you should be sure to ask, “How does this activity tie in with our discussion?”

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