JLBC: Leadership

JLBC: Leadership

Question: Is it possible for a leader to be both directive and supportive simultaneously? If so, how are task and relationship behaviors related?

Question: Is leadership when leaders change their approaches based upon the people or situation? Defend your answer.

Question: Think of a task that succeeded even with poor leadership. Explain how this was possible. Question: How does JLBC’s Core Value of Respect relate to leadership?


Summary: Exerting leadership does depend on the situation. Good leaders know when to focus on resources or focus on exchanges. The particular behavior that the leader chooses depends on both the task and the follower.

Remotivating: You are a small team leader. You have followers, not clones. Learn to vary your leadership style based on the situation.

Closure: Remember: “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.”


Note to the instructor: Every informal discussion should be followed by one or more hands-on activities reinforcing one or more of the concepts being discussed. These activities should last 25-30 minutes, giving about one hour total block of time for the leadership session at a typical JLBC meeting (25-30 minutes for the informal discussion, plus 25-30 minutes for the activities).

Along with any questions found in the activities themselves, you should be sure to ask, “How does this activity tie in with our discussion?”

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