JLBC Junior Leadership Bootcamp | WWW.JUNIORLEADERSHIP.NET The Infamous “Chore List”

JLBC Junior Leadership Bootcamp | WWW.JUNIORLEADERSHIP.NET

The Infamous “Chore List”

We adopted the chore list requirement into our JLBC program to offer some out-of-class support material that parents can implement at home. JLBC Martial Arts lessons extend beyond the training floor, and we would like to work with our JLBC parents with any feedback on how well they are carrying out these lessons outside of JLBC classes.

The content on the list is elementary, and we encourage parents to add to this list as they see fit. After earning their 3rd JLBC Stripe, we hand them their chore list. The goal is to have them complete the list in time for their following belt graduation. We have found this to be a parent favorite.

Merit Badges

Many of our JLBC cadets carry their lessons well beyond their martial arts classes. We want to recognize and reward them as they strive to demonstrate better respect, self-discipline, and other essential life skills.

Whenever we hear comments from parents about something outstanding they did relate to a life skill concept we addressed in class, we acknowledge them with a merit badge. Positive reinforcement works well with children, and our merit badges are a gesture of acknowledgment.

Belt Graduation

Achieving a new JLBC rank is a BIG deal for every JLBC Program. It teaches them goal setting and achievement comes from hard work and commitment. We want parents to celebrate their success, so we schedule graduation tests on Saturdays in hopes that parents can attend.

We have JLBC belt graduations for all our JLBC martial arts programs approximately every six weeks. The dates are set in advance and listed in our JLBC activity calendar. You will be advised about your child’s scheduled graduation date as they approach the JLBC 5th belt stripe.

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