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JLBC Junior Leadership Bootcamp | WWW.JUNIORLEADERSHIP.NET

JLBC Junior Leadership Bootcamp | WWW.JUNIORLEADERSHIP.NET

JLBC Martial Arts For Children

There are hundreds of martial arts disciplines, and each one is unique in philosophy, approach, technique, and culture. Across the board, all martial arts systems ultimately encourage the student to strive toward higher personal development and self-discipline levels. Focus. Teamwork. Discipline. Confidence. Respect. These are common martial arts themes we address in our JLBC classes. Our JLBC team works hard to ensure each course offers a perfect balance of fun (and learning) while engaging them in activities that address such themes.

How we teach

Using a carefully designed rotating curriculum, we focus on specific themes in each class and show the children how their newly found martial arts skills apply to these themes. Not only will your child be learning exciting martial arts, but they’ll also be improving on their focus, coordination, and confidence at the same time.

We designed our curriculum so that while they are engaged and having fun, the lessons they learn also complement other activities they do outside of a JLBC class.

What we teach

Mastering martial arts skills, for example, takes dedication and commitment- two traits that your child will use in other areas of their life; perfecting the skills they learn in class takes focus, patience, and attention to detail. These are essential traits that will help improve their grades and such.

Over the years, we have seen how the program helps children learn and grow physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially. Our goal at JLBC is not just to teach them “Martial Arts” but to help prepare them for life.

Why we teach

As someone fortunate to have started martial arts early, I understand firsthand the potential martial arts training induces in kids. In my 20 years of martial arts, as a student and instructor, I have seen how powerful the impact on children can be - and the benefits of our program speak for themselves.

We would love to share these benefits in our JLBC classes with your child.

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