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JLBC - Junior Leadership Bootcamp | WWW.JUNIORLEADERSHIP.NET

Martial arts is considered one of the best activities in helping children to become more confident, disciplined, and focused. We believe an excellent martial arts program should benefit children (and their families) with lessons beyond punching and kicking. We should include studies in positive character building and social skills- while still keeping classes fun, engaging, and age-appropriate.

Dear parent,

JLBC Cadets, we welcome you and your child to the JLBC - Junior Leadership Bootcamp program - a well-structured children’s martial arts curriculum geared towards helping your child reach their full potential while having fun.

My name is Kirk Carlson, a head instructor here at JLBC Martial Arts. Parents enroll their kids in our JLBC Program for many reasons, but most importantly, they want their children to have fun while nurturing essential social, physical, and life skills.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for enrolling your child in our JLBC Program and also provide a quick overview of what to look forward to with your child’s JLBC classes at Junior Leadership Bootcamp.

Program Summary

Every class contains group activities, martial arts-themed games, technique building drills, character lessons, and more, all designed to encourage good social skills, improve gross motor skills, and ultimately offer lots of FUN while LEARNING. Parents will agree that gaining positive social skills and athletic skill is essential for every child, but

engaging them at an age-appropriate level is the real key.

Martial Arts does this well, so we developed our children’s classes using child education programming that focuses on the different stages of Behavior and Development in children.

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