JLBC Junior Leadership Bootcamp Inclusiveness Statement

JLBC Junior Leadership Bootcamp Inclusiveness Statement

JLBC Youth Camp (a DBA of the JLBC Camp Commission), also known as the Junior Leadership Bootcamp retreat center and youth center, is a diverse, inclusive, and equitable place where all employees*, volunteers, and guests, whatever their gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, sexual orientation, sexual identity, education, religion, or ability, may feel valued and respected.

*Criteria for JLBC program staff paid and volunteer includes a willingness to be proactive in building a healthy JLBC community and the ability to help create a healthy environment that encourages participants in JLBC programs to develop new or strengthened, positive relationships with cadets JLBC command.

Directions to JLBC Youth Camp:

Patriot | Junior Leadership Boot Camp | Riverside

JLBC Youth Camp is narrow in places, have blind spots, and has a lot of pedestrians, pets, livestock, and wildlife traffic. Please slow down and keep everyone safe.

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