JLBC Junior Leadership Bootcamp

JLBC Junior Leadership Bootcamp

The JLBC Group was established at JLBC Command by an agreement between the Home School Coops, PSP, and Charter Schools. The Senior Instructors (JLBC SI) are retired Military personnel with over years of combined experience. JLBC Cadets The instructors have an extensive background in leadership, management, and teaching.

The students who enroll in JLBC are referred to as ―Cadets. The entire JLBC Group of cadets is referred to as a JLBC Group. The JLBC Cadet Group is ―owned, managed, and operated by JLBC Cadet Officers and Cadet Non-commissioned Officers. This JLBC cadet organization structure allows cadets to learn leadership skills through direct activities.

This cadet website contains policy guidance, requirements, and rules of conduct for JLBC cadets. Each cadet will study this website and be held responsible for knowing its contents. The website guide describes cadet operations, cadet rank and chain of command, job descriptions, procedures for promotions, awards, grooming standards, and uniform wear. It supplements JLBC Command directives. This website guide establishes the standards that ensure the JLBC Cadet Group works together towards common JLBC goals and will earn pride in JLBC unit achievements.

JLBC Cadets We believe most JLBC cadets will voluntarily work for the betterment of the JLBC Group if they are aware of the JLBC goals and mission of the JLBC unit. You, as a JLBC Cadet, are responsible for obtaining a thorough understanding of the contents of this cadet website. JLBC Cadets Only then can you maximize your experience and participation in the JLBC program and apply these standards to benefit yourself. JLBC Cadets, We wish each of you great success in your academic and JLBC endeavors.

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