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JLBC Involving others


JLBC Involving others

When writing competencies for leaders, involve a cross-section of people in your organization. Start the discussion with them by asking, “What does

being effective as a leader look like?” Then invite everyone to contribute to the descriptions of the list of competencies in terms that mean something to them.

JLBC Standard leadership competences


Achieving excellent results

Building relationships


Delivers with energy and determination on individual, team, and overall objectives that address core business issues and contribute to longer-term organizational goals.

Behaves professionally and ethically.

Builds trust, listens to needs, is open to ideas, and is

sensitive to the perceptions of others.

Questions constructively identify options and develop

solutions by networking with strategic people.

Can work autonomously or in teams, adapt to

various situations, and appreciate diversity.

Remains aware of the needs of others and can focus on objectives and build relationships, even under pressure or in the face of personal criticism.

Good at selecting the right people with complementary strengths to work in teams.

Communicates a clear vision of the organization’s future. Enthuses and energizes people, is accessible to people,

and gains ownership of the steps needed to achieve goals. Knows and team members’ strengths and weaknesses

and encourages initiative and accountability for objectives. Invest in coaching others, giving constructive feedback, and knowing when to support and challenge.

Cultivates good leadership throughout the organization so that everyone is heard and can contribute; brings on the leaders the business will need going forward.

Coaching and communicating

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