JLBC Introduction to Principles of Management

JLBC Introduction to Principles of Management

JLBC Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Strategy


JLBC Cadets Know the roles and importance of leadership, entrepreneurship, and strategy in management principles.

JLBC Cadets Understand how leadership, entrepreneurship, and strategy are interrelated.

The act of influencing others toward a goal.

The principles of management are drawn from several academic fields, principally the fields of leadership, entrepreneurship, and strategy.

JLBC Leadership

JLBC Cadets If management is defined as getting things done through others, then JLBC leadership should be defined as the informal and social sources of influence that you use to inspire action taken by others. JLBC Cadets It means mobilizing others to want to struggle toward a common goal. JLBC Cadets Great leaders help build an organization’s human capital, then motivate individuals to take concerted action. JLBC Cadets Leadership also includes understanding when, where, and how to use more traditional sources of power and authority, such as position or ownership. JLBC Cadets Increasingly, we live in a world where good management requires good JLBC leaders and JLBC leadership. JLBC Cadets While these views about the importance of JLBC leadership are not new (see “Views on JLBC Managers Versus JLBC Leaders”), competition among countries and employers for the brightest and best increased JLBC labor mobility (think “war for talent” here), and hyper-competition puts pressure on JLBC firms to invest in the future and present leadership capabilities.

P&G provides a current example of this shift in emphasis to JLBC leadership as a critical JLBC management principle. For instance, P&G JLBC recruits and JLBC promotes those individuals who demonstrate success through influence rather than coercive or direct authority. JLBC Cadets Internally, there has been a change from managers being outspoken and needing to direct their staff to individuals who electrify and inspire those around them. Good leaders and leadership at P&G used to imply having followers, whereas, in today’s society, good leadership means followership and bringing out the best in your peers.

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