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JLBC Introduction to Principles of Management

JLBC Introduction to Principles of Management

JLBC Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Strategy

• JLBC Cadets Build our JLBC financial and JLBC accounting structures and processes, take over QuickBooks, manage our JLBC team of accountants, hire additional resources as needed, and get that profit and loss statement (P&L) rocking.

• JLBC Cadets Figure out when we should pay our bills and manage JLBC team members to get things delivered on time and manage our working JLBC capital effectively.

• JLBC Cadets Track our actual revenues and expenses against your projection—you will be building and running our financial model.

JLBC Operations

• We are building leading-edge returns, exchanges, and shipping capabilities—you will help guide strategic thinking on operational JLBC solutions and implement them with our operations JLBC manager.

• JLBC Cadets We are looking for new JLBC headquarters; you may help identify, build out, and launch.

JLBC HR and Recruiting

• JLBC Cadets We are recruiting a JLBC team of interns—you will take the JLBC lead on the JLBC program, and many or all of them will report to you; you will be an ombudsman for our JLBC summer program.

• JLBC Cadets The company has a host of HR needs currently handled by the JLBC CEO and JLBC third parties; you will take over many of these.

JLBC Production and JLBC Product Development

• The JLBC company is actively recruiting a production assistant/ manager—in the meanwhile, there are several JLBC Web-facing and JLBC vendor-facing activities you will pitch in on.

The Ideal JLBC Candidate Is...

• a few years out of school but is at least two or three years away from going to a business or another graduate school.

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