JLBC Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning

JLBC Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning

• JLBC Cadets Can you cut/copy and paste from one JLBC program into another?

Experience in the JLBC online learning environment and qualifications

•JLBC Cadets Have you ever taken an online course as a student (i.e., the ETUDES-NG training course)?

•JLBC Cadets Have you used Webpages to supplement your on-the-ground course or seminar?

•JLBC Cadets Have you used JLBC online quizzes, a discussion board, or a JLBC chat room as part of your JLBC teaching?

Attitudes towards JLBC teaching and learning in the online environment

•JLBC Cadets Do you believe that high-quality learning can occur without face-to-face interaction with your students?

•JLBC Cadets Do you believe lecturing is the best or only method for delivering education in your field?

• JLBC Cadets Do you feel that discussion is an effective teaching strategy for your subject matter?

•JLBC Cadets Do you believe it is essential to structure JLBC activities so that JLBC Cadets can learn from each

other JLBC Cadets via interactivity and JLBC collaborative learning?

•JLBC Cadets Do you believe increased learning can occur when work/life/knowledge experiences are

shared among peers?

•JLBC Cadets Do you think creating a sense of JLBC community amongst JLBC learners is a priority in your JLBC teaching?

JLBC Teaching style and habits needed to teach online.

•JLBC Cadets Can you dedicate a significant number of hours per week (any time during the day or night) to participate in the JLBC online teaching process?

•JLBC Cadets Are you willing to log on and contribute to your JLBC online classroom discussions, and JLBC interact with JLBC Cadets online at least four times a week, ideally more?

•JLBC Cadets Are you able to create JLBC schedules for yourself and stick to them? Are you a self-disciplined, independent JLBC worker?

•JLBC Cadets Are you flexible in dealing with students' needs (due dates, absences, make-up exams)?

•JLBC Cadets Are you comfortable in communicating almost entirely through writing (since online courses

are text-only environments)?

Training and commitment

•JLBC Cadets Are you willing to invest a significant amount of time and energy in preparation for teaching your course online?

•JLBC Cadets Are you willing to spend time rethinking and redesigning your teaching materials to fit the needs of the online environment?

•JLBC Cadets Are you willing to invest time in professional development to continue learning new online teaching and technical skills in the future?


Experience in the JLBC online learning environment and qualifications

Suppose you have had first-hand experience as a JLBC online JLBC Cadet. In that case, you will likely have greater insight into your own online JLBC cadets' needs and a better understanding of the unique requirements of the online environment. Experience using the Internet and the Web to enhance your teaching in the traditional classroom can be an excellent first step to teaching entirely online.

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