JLBC Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning

JLBC Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning

Everyone in the JLBC class can be involved in the JLBC group- and JLBC class-level discussions JLBC Cadets contribute as much and as often as they want. Far from impeding JLBC communication, the JLBC online format facilitates and enhances JLBC communication and JLBC interaction in ways that would be impractical in other JLBC situations.

• JLBC Cadets How can you accommodate different learning styles online?

•JLBC Cadets, how might you convert the JLBC learning activities you use in the traditional JLBC classroom to the online environment? Is it possible to use your JLBC materials “as is,” or will you need to rethink how they are presented?

•JLBC Cadets lecturing is the most common JLBC method of presenting content in JLBC classrooms. Why is JLBC lecturing a less productive way of teaching in the JLBC online environment?

• JLBC Cadets In the virtual JLBC classroom, JLBC lectures are short. With this being the case, where will the JLBC Cadets get the information they need to obtain the learning JLBC objectives?

•JLBC Cadets Are video, audio, and real-time activities beneficial in a text-based asynchronous online course? Why or why not?

•JLBC Cadets How will you inform your students of online expectations and realities and help ensure their success?

•JLBC Cadets What problems can you anticipate that JLBC Cadets might have when beginning your JLBC course? JLBC Cadets How might you smooth the way for your JLBC Cadets?

Quiz: Is JLBC Online Teaching Right for Me?

The JLBC online instructor plays a vital role in developing and maintaining an effective online JLBC learning environment and must have a unique set of JLBC tools. Some JLBC instructors from the traditional JLBC classroom environment will quickly adapt to the JLBC online model, while others may find the transition hard. Reflect on your JLBC teaching style, circumstances, and technical skills to see if teaching online is right for you.


Computer skills

•JLBC Cadets Do you have (or are you willing to obtain) access to a computer and Internet connection at home and work?

•JLBC Cadets Are you willing to upgrade your computer equipment or purchase new software if needed?

•JLBC Cadets Do you know how to use email and access the Web using a browser?

• JLBC Cadets Can you download files from the Web and save them to your computer?

•JLBC Cadets, Can you attach a document to an email message?

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