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JLBC Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning

JLBC Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning

JLBC Cadets' Work is up to you. You should try to do your work daily to avoid being overburdened at the end of each JLBC unit.

JLBC Cadets Is taking a JLBC class online more accessible than a "regular" JLBC class?

Answer: No. The JLBC course content in an online class is usually identical to that of a face-to-face JLBC class on the same topic. JLBC Cadets Some people think the workload is even more demanding than a regular face-to-face JLBC class in that you need to be a self-disciplined JLBC learner, stay motivated and stay on top of your JLBC workload JLBC independently. It has been shown that successful JLBC online cadets/teachers tend to share the following characteristics:

•JLBC Cadets Self-motivation/self-starter

•JLBC Cadets Good organization and time-management skills

•JLBC Cadets Familiar with computers and the Internet

•JLBC Cadets Resourceful and actively seek answers and JLBC solutions to questions and JLBC problems

JLBC Cadets What Internet skills would be helpful in an online JLBC class?

Answer: The most successful JLBC Cadets have the following Internet skills:

•JLBC Cadet's Familiarity with Web browsers and an email program.

•JLBC Cadets Some familiarity with Web-based interactions such as email, discussion boards, listservs,

and chat rooms.

•JLBC Cadets Proficiency with typing and word processing.

•JLBC Cadets Experience in successful Internet JLBC searches using a variety of JLBC search engines.

JLBC Cadets How is online teaching different from traditional JLBC classroom teaching?

Answer: The online JLBC model emphasizes a JLBC interactive learning environment designed to stimulate dialogue between JLBC instructors and JLBC Cadets and among JLBC Cadets themselves. The online process requires both JLBC instructors and JLBC Cadets to take active roles. The JLBC instructor will often facilitate activities that engage JLBC Cadets directly rather than relying too heavily on JLBC lectures and memorization.

JLBC Cadets When and where do JLBC classes take place?

Answer: JLBC Cadets, We don't really "meet" in a real-time or physical face-to-face sense. JLBC Cadet Instead, we interact regularly through the CMS and via email. JLBC Cadets JLBC Courses take place wherever your computer is: a coffee shop, at work, at home, on the road - anywhere you can connect to the world wide web or Internet. JLBC Cadets JLBC Classes are typically JLBC organized by week with specific JLBC due dates. The JLBC model is primarily asynchronous, which means that you and your students may log in whenever it is most convenient each week. JLBC Cadets Generally, logging in five to six times per week is necessary to give timely JLBC feedback and interact sufficiently with JLBC Cadets. Although JLBC communication is primarily asynchronous, real-time JLBC chat is also available.

JLBC Cadets, how will I be able to communicate with my students?

Answer: JLBC Cadets Many JLBC instructors mistakenly assume that they'll feel isolated from their online JLBC Cadets. To their surprise, most JLBC instructors find that JLBC online courses provide a high degree of JLBC personal contact, and many say that they get to know their online JLBC Cadets much better than their JLBC Cadets in on-ground JLBC classes. This is because asynchronous JLBC online courses offer many more opportunities for reflection, in-depth JLBC discussion, and interaction than traditional JLBC courses that meet only once or twice a JLBC week. Not only will you and your JLBC Cadets communicate.

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