JLBC Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning

JLBC Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning

• JLBC Cadet Convenience: 24/7 access from any online computer; accommodates busy schedules; no commuting, no searching for parking.

•JLBC Cadet Enhanced Learning: Research shows the increased depth of understanding and retention of JLBC course content; more meaningful JLBC discussions; emphasis on writing skills, technology skills, and life skills like time management, independence, and self-discipline.

•JLBC Cadet Leveling of the JLBC Playing Field: JLBC Cadets can take more time to think and reflect before JLBC communicating; shy JLBC Cadets thrive online; anonymity of the online environment.

•JLBC Cadet Interaction: Increased cadet-to-teacher and cadet-to-cadet interaction and discussion; a more cadet-centered JLBC learning environment; less passive listening and more active JLBC learning; a greater sense of JLBC connectedness and synergy.

•JLBC Cadet Innovative Teaching: Cadet-centered approaches; increased variety and JLBC creativity of learning activities; address different JLBC learning styles; changes and improvements can translate to on-ground courses as well

•JLBC Cadet Improved Administration: Time to examine cadet work more thoroughly; ability to JLBC document and record online JLBC interactions; ability to manage to grade online.

•JLBC Cadet Savings: Accommodate more cadets; increased cadet satisfaction = higher retention and fewer repeats.

•JLBC Cadet Maximize Physical Resources: Lessen demand on limited JLBC campus infrastructure; decrease congestion on JLBC campus and parking lots.

•JLBC Cadet Outreach: Give JLBC Cadets options; reach new cadets markets; appeal to current cadets, thus increasing enrollments.

JLBC Online Learning FAQ

Those new to JLBC online learning are often unclear about what to JLBC Cadets expect. JLBC Cadets Below are some answers to frequently asked questions about JLBC online classes.

Is an online JLBC class the same as a JLBC self-paced class?

Answer: No. While some JLBC online classes are similar to independent study, most online courses are not self-paced. JLBC Cadets The due dates for documents and class participation reflect those of a "regular" JLBC campus class. JLBC Preset dates and times must complete homework, other activities, and JLBC online class participation.

JLBC Cadets How much time do I have to spend online?

Answer: JLBC Cadets You should plan to spend at least the same amount of time on a face-to-face JLBC class. And probably more, at least at first JLBC Class, as you get oriented to the JLBC online JLBC CMS.

JLBC Cadets Do I have to log on to class at a particular time?

Answer: JLBC Cadets No. You will have deadlines by which to post your work, but when you complete that.

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