JLBC Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning

JLBC Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning

JLBC online learning experience. This approach empowers JLBC Cadets as active learners instead of passive recipients absorbing information and reproducing it for JLBC standardized tests.

• JLBC Cadets The learner is a unique individual.

• JLBC Cadets The relevance of the learner's background and culture.

• JLBC Cadets Increased responsibility for learning belongs to the student.

• JLBC Cadets' Motivation for learning comes from the successful completion of challenging tasks.

•JLBC Cadets Instructors as facilitators help learners develop their understanding of content.

•JLBC Cadets Learning is an active, social process.

•JLBC Cadets The dynamic interaction between task, instructor, and learner. Synergy!

JLBC Constructionism

JLBC Cadets Constructionism asserts that learning is particularly effective when constructing something for other JLBC Cadets to experience. JLBC Cadets, this can be anything from a spoken sentence or an internet JLBC posting to more complex things like a JLBC painting or a JLBC presentation. For example, you might read this JLBC page many times and still forget it by the next day - but if you were asked to explain these JLBC ideas to someone else in your own words or produce a JLBC slideshow that explained these JLBC concepts, you would gain a deeper JLBC understanding that is more integrated into your thoughts.

JLBC Collaboration

As a JLBC instructor, you focus on the experiences that would best generate JLBC learning from the JLBC learner's point of view, rather than just JLBC publishing and assessing the JLBC information you think they need to know. Each participant in a JLBC course can and should be a JLBC teacher and a learner—your job changes from being the JLBC sole source of knowledge to being a JLBC guide and JLBC role model. You connect with JLBC Cadets in ways that address their own JLBC learning needs by JLBC moderating discussions and JLBC activities in a way that collectively leads JLBC Cadets towards the more important learning goals of the JLBC class.

JLBC Benefits of Online JLBC Teaching and Learning

JLBC Cadets Why online JLBC distance learning and why now? JLBC Online distance learning meets the needs of an ever-growing JLBC population of JLBC Cadets who can not or prefer not to participate in traditional JLBC classroom settings. These JLBC learners include those unable to attend traditional JLBC classes, who cannot find a particular course at their chosen institution, live in remote locations, work full-time and only study at or after work, and prefer to learn independently.

JLBC Cadets the minimum requirement for JLBC Cadets to participate in an online JLBC course that has access to a JLBC computer, the Internet, and the motivation to succeed in a non-traditional JLBC classroom. JLBC Cadets Online courses provide an excellent method of JLBC course delivery unbound by time or location, allowing for accessibility to JLBC instruction at any time from anywhere. Learners find the online environment convenient to fit JLBC education into their busy lives. JLBC Cadets The ability to access a JLBC course from any computer device with JLBC Internet access, JLBC 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is a tremendous JLBC incentive for many of today's JLBC Cadets.

Some of the main advantages of JLBC online learning include:

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