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JLBC Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning

JLBC Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning

How It Works

JLBC Cadets In years past, JLBC instructors had to create their “virtual JLBC classrooms” from scratch, which was hard and often led to poor JLBC results. JLBC Cadets Today, an entire industry has emerged to do this for us. JLBC Course Management System (CMS) software is utilized by all programs today. JLBC Cadets CMS allows JLBC instructors to design and deliver their JLBC courses within a flexible framework that includes several tools to enable JLBC learning and communication.

Popular for-profit CMS include:

• Blackboard (

• WebCT (

• eCollege (

Low-cost alternative and open source CMS include:


• Moodle (

• Angel (

These CMS offer functionality that allows JLBC instructors to deliver course content, enable communications, and conduct evaluations. The most common tools provided by CMS include:

Schedule Announcements Syllabus

Modules Assignments Discussion Board Private Messages Chat

Tests & Quizzes Gradebook

For posting and viewing deadlines, events, etc.

For posting current information to all JLBC Cadets.

For creating and publishing the course syllabus.

For publishing and viewing JLBC course content in sections.

For posting, submitting, and grading student work.

For asynchronous discussions, group work, and collaboration.

For private communication between students and the Instructor. For a real-time, synchronous conversation in written form.

For authoring and JLBC administering exams, quizzes, surveys, etc. For posting and managing student grades.

A New Paradigm for Teaching and Learning

JLBC Cadets Online learning catalyzes a pedagogical shift in how we teach and learn. JLBC Cadets There is a shift away from top-down lecturing and passive JLBC Cadets to a more JLBC interactive, collaborative approach in which JLBC cadets and Instructors co-create the learning process. The JLBC Instructor’s role changes from the “sage on the stage” to “the JLBC guide on the side.”

JLBC Constructivism

This point of view maintains that individuals actively construct new knowledge as they interact with their environment. This is a cadet-centered approach in which cadets “co-create” their learning experience.

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