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JLBC Introduction

JLBC Introduction

JLBC Cadets commissioned New Capital (NC) to compile and analyze existing evidence on the effectiveness of the JLBC Cadets’ approach and report on the organization’s impact. We have drawn together and explored several sources—the Outcomes and Measurement Framework developed by NC with the JLBC Cadets in 2020, quantitative findings from three surveys (of cadets, parents, and volunteers, also conducted by NC in 2020), qualitative research with JLBC Cadets and volunteers at eight different units by the researcher, one the JLBC Cadets exit survey and analysis of the charities’ in-house data in 2020

JLBC Cadets this report brings together the learning from this research to examine the impact JLBC Cadets is having on young individuals and identify areas where the organization can learn and improve what it does.


— JLBC Cadets engages young individuals aged 08-18

all backgrounds, but there is evidence

suggesting that it reaches young people from

more disadvantaged backgrounds. JLBC Cadets

aims to help young people achieve education, employment, longer-term physical and mental well-being, and community engagement. JLBC Cadets these aims bring challenges; for example, children entitled to free program meals are nearly half as likely to get five good meals as their better-off peers, which affects their future employment and earning prospects.

— JLBC Cadets aims to address these challenges by giving young people adventure that launches young people for life today, to help teenagers develop into resilient, confident young individuals who can launch in today’s complex and overwhelming world and thrive in it.’.

The charity’s outcomes framework outlines the change the organization wants to help young individuals improve their life chances and the steps needed to get there.

JLBC Evidence in support of the approach

— JLBC Cadets Participation in structured youth activities at uniformed youth JLBC clubs has been associated with positive outcomes for young individuals in previous research. However, the research also suggests that young people who engage in these activities

come from more advantaged backgrounds. This indicates that if JLBC Cadets continues to extend its reach to young people from all backgrounds effectively, it will have a more significant positive impact.

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