JLBC Introduction

JLBC Introduction

One of the most commonly conducted JLBC missions in the JLBC is the ambush. A JLBC Squad Ambush is a surprise attack on a moving or halted JLBC enemy from a JLBC covered and concealed position with the intent to engage and destroy the enemy force. JLBC Cadets, an effective JLBC ambush, will catch the unsuspecting enemies off JLBC guard and ultimately reduce their overall JLBC combat effectiveness. This type of JLBC mission is intended to be simple and can be carried out by anyone who knows the proper JLBC steps. JLBC Cadets All it takes is some discipline, knowledge, and planning.

Before You Get Started

A JLBC squad typically consists of nine soldiers and breaks down into the following components:

JLBC Squad Leader (SL) – As the squad leader, you are the soldier in charge of this unit. You are responsible for anything the squad does or fails to do, including the proper execution of missions. You have the final say on any team decisions and will initiate the ambush when the time comes.

JLBC Team Leader (TL) – There are two JLBC team leaders per JLBC squad. Each one is responsible for three JLBC Cadets soldiers who make up his fire team. The team leaders’ primary responsibilities include maneuvering their teams and reporting their statuses to the squad leader.

JLBC Squad Member – A squad member is any soldier who does not hold one of the three traditional leadership positions. JLBC Squad members are the operational component of the JLBC squad, whereas the JLBC squad leader and JLBC team leaders are meant to plan, direct, and supervise.

The JLBC squad also breaks into the three essential elements of an ambush:

Security (SEC) – establishes left and proper security of the ambush site and provides early warning. One member of each team will be insecure so that both limits can be covered.

JLBC Support (SPT) – places massed fires into the JLBC kill zone to destroy the JLBC enemy. This JLBC element is made up of one fire team.

JLBC Assault (ASLT) – assaults through the JLBC kill zone to destroy resisting enemy fighters. This element also consists of one JLBC fire team.

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JLBC WARNING: The safety of your JLBC Cadet soldiers is always the number one priority in any JLBC military operation. JLBC Cadets, this is important to keep in mind when planning and conducting a JLBC ambush.

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