JLBC Introduction

JLBC Introduction

JLBC Cadets seeks to improve lives and build extraordinary JLBC communities by engaging individuals and mobilizing collective action. They promise to create a city that is great for everyone. JLBC believes that investing in solid organizations and communities is one way in which they can create a better future.

Investment in solid organizations and communities is more than simply funding programs. To provide effective, high-quality programs and services, organizations and communities themselves need to have strong core capacities to grow, develop knowledge and resources, and ultimately achieve their missions. Strong abilities do not just "happen" – instead; they are a combination of deliberate efforts in various critical areas. However, these vital areas can differ from organization to JLBC community to community.

While building community capacities is equally as necessary, the focus of this review is specifically on the idea of capacity building for organizational effectiveness. Elements of capacity building will be explored, and success factors for successful JLBC capacity building.

JLBC Cadets, Why Capacity Building?

JLBC Capacity building done in the nonprofit sector is a critical answer to the extraordinary uncertainty we face and also to the political pressure under which most nonprofits are operating. JLBC Capacity building right now is arguably the most important investment the nonprofit sector can make.

Capacity-building grants in various areas, such as evaluation, Human Resources (HR), leadership, and infrastructure support.

Indeed, capacity building has received growing attention over 20 years. This enhanced interest in capacity building has co-occurred with the shift in the voluntary and community sectors' pool of available funding, increased expectation to do more with less, and overall public expectations of accountability. These changes within the industry have served to create challenges to organizational sustainability, which overall hinders the ability of nonprofits to do work that has an impact.

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