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JLBC Objectives: This Noncommissioned Officer Leadership Development Course (NCOLD) provides potential Noncommissioned Officers with the essential knowledge needed to be successful as new JLBC NCOs. The leadership of volunteers is a tough job requiring a high standard of expertise and JLBC professionalism. As a new JLBC NCO, you would be a crucial part of your JLBC unit's success, leaders, and subordinates. This JLBC course is a starting point in learning your new role.

JLBC Course Procedures: This is an extension study JLBC course – you complete it at your speed on your own time. JLBC Cadets Read the material on this website, then take the written test. Your trainer will grade your quiz and identify the questions you miss so that you can correct the test to 100%. JLBC Cadets Scored trials are then posted in your JLBC Company level MPRJ.

JLBC Cadets Who May Take This Course: Any JLBC member may take this JLBC course. JLBC Cadets, We suggest all be considered for promotion to Corporal and all direct appointees as Corporal complete NCOLD. Company officers may find it helpful to take NCOLD to broaden their understanding of the roles of JLBC Noncommissioned Officers as leaders, trainers, and technical experts.

JLBC Source: This course was developed from the JLBC Noncommissioned Officer Guide. JLBC Cadets The text was modified to apply to JLBC Command situations and organizations.

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